Thursday, January 1, 2015


illustrations by pete palomine

eggplant? i wanted a cheeseburger
i keep forgetting everything you tell me
grandma left a note on the kitchen table
it's hard to understand her sometimes

the good lord knows i try
but it's a jungle out there
i know the earth is getting flatter every day
but lately the rainbows haven't been coming around the mountain

mozzarella - that's the word i was trying to think of
it kept me up all night
of course i know what it means
please don't trouble yourself to enlighten me

you know what those quiet types are like
round about midnight
salami - that is another good word
it tickles me pink at midnight

i don't want to hear about uncle whatsisname
his versions are always inaccurate
we will all have to do better in the future
and explore other avenues

youth will be served
zeroes will be added to the ends of numbers
all creation will rejoice
bill brady will finally come home

cheers will resound down every street
devastation will be discredited
everybody will love everybody else
our work here will be finished

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