Monday, December 29, 2014


illustrations by pete palomine

devastation covered the earth
every news channel said so
frank wasn't so sure
he got up and went to the refrigerator

how come it was still humming along?
he reached inside for a doctor pepper
just because he was who he was
he knew they were waiting for him outside

lately he had been having gas
but he couldn't stop the munchies
he went back to his red naughahyde couch with his doctor pepper
everything was going to be o k

somebody started pounding on the door
not that he expected peace and quiet
the earth was round and getting rounder every day
the streets weren't safe any more

a tarantula crawled across the ceiling
frank looked up at it
it didn't look as vicious as before
when it first stopped being miss carson and became the tarantula

frank never expected much from life
not even in his younger days
he had gotten zero respect from day one
all on account of who he was

better to just sit in your room
contrary to what they wanted you to believe
every day was a new day
every eternity was a new eternity

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