Thursday, July 25, 2013

the parisians, part 2: the ruminations of m gaspard

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wearing dresses of a darker hue
with eyes that shone with desire
offsetting their dresses of a darker hue

but hardly worthy of engaging the attention of a gentleman
with something that would amaze the whole room
like a bottle of wine and a good dinner

in a completely sterilized atmosphere
the continuance of his preference seemed very uncertain
in such a completely sterilized atmosphere

proving that he was fit for something
like drinking a bottle of wine and eating a good dinner
with eyes that shone with desire

the continuance of his preference seemed very uncertain
he was indeed fit for something
wearing a suit of a darker hue

the continuance of his preference seemed very uncertain
but somewhat amusing at least
after all, what does preference signify?

but the object of the same compassionate criticism
they acquire a special meaning
objectifying the same compassionate criticism

something that will amaze the whole room
in a completely sterilized atmosphere
fluttering like red and black butterflies

the sweetest moment of their lives
they acquire a special meaning
in a completely sterilized atmosphere

sources: the princess of cleves, by madame de lafayette; pride and prejudice, by jane austen; sense and sensibility, by jane austen; mademoiselle de maupin, by theophile gautier; madame bovary, by gustative flaubert; the hunchback of notre dame, by victor hugo; doctor thorne, by anthony trollope; the europeans, by henry james; the tragic muse, by henry james; the masterpiece, by emile zola; the house of mirth, by edith wharton; of human bondage, by w somerset maugham; the world of yesterday, by stefan zweig

Saturday, July 20, 2013

the loneliest hitchhiker, part 2

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i had a good time in jail
my longing was indistinguishable from loneliness
the apotheosis of all emergency exits

better tuned to cosmic vibrations
a framed diploma was my only ornament
then i began to feel angry

a framed diploma was my only ornament
at the same time i felt it was ridiculous
bodacious white-capped nurses were seated in the waiting room

with their noses in the air
better tuned to cosmic vibrations
thinking they were better than other people

the guys in jail were great
but i began to feel angry
at the fat-ass nurses in the dispensary

right beside the emergency exits
hold on when we went around the curves
and i got real mad

instead of some romantic poetry
better tuned to cosmic vibrations
a longing which was indistinguishable from loneliness

just a great bunch of guys

"breaking up that old gang of mine"

always with that smirk on their faces

a framed diploma prominently on the wall
i wanted to laugh
hold on when we went around the curves

sources: the american, by henry james; washington square, by henry james; babbitt, by sinclair lewis; look homeward, angel, by thomas wolfe; they shoot horses, don't they, by horace mccoy; on the road, by jack kerouac; i, the jury, by mickey spillane; the men's club, by leonard michaels; superior women, by alice adams; run, by ann patchett; richard yates, by tao lin

Thursday, July 18, 2013

kiss the screws goodbye, part 2: kiss america goodbye

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one of the beautiful, the most beautiful things
she had a date with destiny
because she was one of the beautiful things

cold indeed must be the hearts
that blanched as they turned away
sprawled across the sidewalk

having lost much of her ancient consequence and grandeur
following kick after kick in quick succession
she could always get a date

i don't like nosey people
blanched as she turned away
it offends my delicacy, perhaps even my vanity

make clear to all who and what she was
dying out in this fatal atmosphere
she turned pale as she beheld him

shaking him down for his share of the loot
he turned pale with rage
because he had a date with death

goading him into greater brutishness
dying out in the unwelcome atmosphere
he could always get a date

cold indeed must have been his heart
making clear to all who and what she was
he positively reveled in his brutishness

frisking him for the loot
lost much of its ancient consequence and grandeur
i never did like nosey people

sources: the heroic slave, by frederick douglas;
clotel, by william wells brown;
our nig, by harriet e wilson;
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the wedding, by dorothy west;
no pockets in a shroud, by horace mccoy;
kiss tomorrow goodbye, by horace mccoy;
my gun is quick, by mickey spillane;
the big kill, by mickey spillane

Sunday, July 14, 2013

these pointless things, part 2

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in some unknown and pitch-black chasm of despair
the person he had seen on times square
what a beastly lover he must have made

with her dark green eyes and her upturned nose
she claimed to be eighteen and fooled him completely
with the glittering purple sheen of her lipstick

if you want to get rich overnight
with notes on that book about suicide
some laughing and pitch-black chasms of despair

an angel would hover over them
with their pale blue eyes and runny noses
and the angels would laugh and sigh

because they wanted to get rich overnight
and didn't want me around
making strange beastly noises

i was the person they had seen in times square
lurking outside the automat
caressing the world with my pale green eyes

and taking notes on the suicidal persons
running from their beastly demon lovers
who claimed to be eighteen and work for the police

but were only hanging out in times square
noticing all the pointless little things
in the flickering pitch-black chasms of despair

which finally affected even the hovering angels

"who gave you the right to laugh at me?"

he stayed away from the restaurant

sources: too late for tears, by roy huggins; escape, by ethel vance; vengeance is mine, by mickey spillane; kiss me, deadly, by mickey spillane; waltz into darkness, by cornell woolrich; city of night, by john rechy; the price of salt, by patricia highsmith; highsmith - a romance of the 1950s, by marijane meaker; the farther shore, by robert m coates; the beautiful room is empty, by edmund white; the dust of suns, by raymond roussel; the mountain lion, by jean stafford; boston adventure, by jean stafford

Sunday, July 7, 2013

source of conflict

a found poem

You can match a busіness new
receipt againѕt thiѕ invoicе.
Outsouгcing is preѕent

іn 14 business countrіеs
including ѕeven 
that aгe not addrеsѕed.

The company filеd foг Chaρter 11 bаnκruptcy protection on Feb.

But thе source оf conflict
involѵing different nаtions.

The Εnνy Sρectгe XΤ
will bе 
for other more іmρortant matters.

The accommοԁation iѕ very spacious
ωith loungе and dining aгea

can actuаlly render 
your hοme
feеl more at hоme.