Thursday, July 18, 2013

kiss the screws goodbye, part 2: kiss america goodbye

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one of the beautiful, the most beautiful things
she had a date with destiny
because she was one of the beautiful things

cold indeed must be the hearts
that blanched as they turned away
sprawled across the sidewalk

having lost much of her ancient consequence and grandeur
following kick after kick in quick succession
she could always get a date

i don't like nosey people
blanched as she turned away
it offends my delicacy, perhaps even my vanity

make clear to all who and what she was
dying out in this fatal atmosphere
she turned pale as she beheld him

shaking him down for his share of the loot
he turned pale with rage
because he had a date with death

goading him into greater brutishness
dying out in the unwelcome atmosphere
he could always get a date

cold indeed must have been his heart
making clear to all who and what she was
he positively reveled in his brutishness

frisking him for the loot
lost much of its ancient consequence and grandeur
i never did like nosey people

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