Wednesday, February 1, 2017

life is horrible, part 2

joe looked out at the mountaintop.

he knew it was reserved for people who thought they were better than him.

wanda sighed.

“so they think they are better than us - so what?” she asked joe.

joe knew that the category “think they are better than us” was too broad.

“i’m sorry,” he told wanda, “i should have made myself clearer.”

“they are miserable bastards, i’ll give you that,” wanda agreed.

joe and wanda had been bullied and rejected by the elites of the world all their lives.

they were ready to start over.

to start over, press the pound key, that was wanda’s philosophy.

wanda was a girl who never had a chance.

never had a chance to tell her story.

the world was full of miserable bastards who ground you down and never gave you a chance.

“i could go for a whopper and a strawberry smoothie right now,” thought wanda, “and stop looking at that stupid mountaintop inhabited by the rulers of the universe.”

“do you think,” joe asked suddenly,” there is a single person on that mountaintop who gives a flying fuck abut you or me?”

“it’s a pretty high mountaintop,” wanda replied noncommitedly.

“i like to think there is at least one person on it who is not a totally miserable son of a bitch,” joe replied.

“some of them have probably been bullied and rejected too,” wanda pointed out.

“it’s all part of the human condition,” she added when joe made no reply.

“let me tell you a story,” said joe. “a story that has never been told before on this earth.”

“go ahead,” wanda told him. “you know i like a good story.”

“once upon a time i met a girl. and she was the sweetest, most beautiful girl that ever walked the earth, and i was determined too make her mine.”

joe paused and looked out into space. “and then bud wilkins came along. he thought he owned the town. he thought he owned the whole world and everything in it, and that the whole world owed him a living.

one of the conditions that bud wilkins demanded of the world was that it recognize him as the center of the universe.

but i walked up to him on the street one day and i said to hm, ‘bud, a new day starts right here’.

‘i’m sorry,’ bud told told me, ‘but i haven’t got time for your whiny loser simperings.’”

joe started to cry. he could not go on with his story.