Friday, January 23, 2015


illustrations by palomine studios

i need a hug
infinite darkness surrounds me
peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are nice
but the kindness inherent in a hug can not be duplicated

look out the window
marigolds are blooming
i never heard you use that word before
obviously you don't know a marigold from a hollyhock

please keep your voice down
it won't do to be quite so excited
and reserve a table for three
express my deepest sympathies

i had a pet turtle long ago
there is no urgency but get it done
vellum - there is another word commonly misused
i wonder how many people know what vellum is

expertise is a self-locking mechanism
after years in the wilderness
under the mocking azure skies of despair
he was writing a poem about king arthur

in an appropriately bucolic setting
as the crowd cheered half-heartedly
under the mocking azure skies of despair, indeed
every one i spoke to expressed the same opinion

the minister's fall from grace was overdue
he was grateful for the hug and the kind words
and hummed a pleasantly familiar tune
and they turned into the reserved parking space

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