Saturday, January 24, 2015


illustrations by penmarq studios

everything changed in an instant
jerry almost knocked his can of orange fanta over when he saw julie through the window of the greyhound station
he should have known
love is a poison that never dies

his mama told him to stay way from girls like julie
now he would have to pay
of course there was always the old-fashioned way
powerful forces him urged him to take it

he couldn't quiet the demons roaring in his brain
remembering where he was
smack dab in the middle of a greyhound station the night before thanksgiving
terror gripped him anew

peeking out from under his colorado rockies cap
julie was still visible -
walking up and down like a panther in the snow
except something was missing

youth wants to know
nothing more, but a lot less
all right - decision time
before jerry could go any further with his desperate thoughts

his can of orange fanta was knocked out of his hand
he looked up and saw danny davis!
the ectoplasmic puddle of orange fanta spread over the tiled floor of the station
a few of the waiting passengers snickered

jerry got the message - he was almost grateful
there was no hope
he began to laugh insanely
just as the bus to jefferson city pulled in

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