Saturday, January 10, 2015

points, or a day at the beach

"do we really want to go on with this?" frother asked wearily.

"yes, i believe in starting what we finished. i mean, finishing what we started," petherington replied with his trademark silly giggle.

"very well, then." frother took a bite of his jelly doughnut. "i must say, though, that this automatic spell check is driving me quite mad."

"then let's just get it over with before gertrude returns."

the handsome young man who had caught amanda's eye stretched lazily on the beach, reminding her of what it meant to be really alive.

but her brain could not hold the thought, and quickly bifurcated. ( + 10 points)

"good god, i thought we had done with all that! "(- 5 points)

the two humans ran in opposite directions, chased by the big dogs.

it was perhaps the cruelest laughter davison had ever heard, even from the open window of the summer house.

doctor matthews sighed as he opened his black bag.

"there is no necessary adumbration here. none whatsoever." ( +5 points)

"all these fellows are charlatans. thee is no need to discuss it further."

"spare us the so-called juicy details," beatrice replied impatiently.

the embolism stirred uneasily. (+ 20 points)

when amanda looked up, the handsome young man was gone.

but doctor hiero was gazing down at her with his sad but evil brown eyes. (-10 points)

"you do not wish to go into the water this morning, my dear?"

how absolutely disgusting his hairy stomach looked.

doctor hiero for his part considered amanda an insolent puppy.

he laughed silently and wondered if that was proper terminology for a thirty-four year old woman.

davison was to remain supremely ungratified throughout the whole affair.

the sun went down on another dreary day, on another low tide.

"satisfied?" frother asked, as he eyed the last doughnut. it was chocolate frosted, not his favorite at all.

"quite. i think we have done a good day's work here."

"let us hope it was what the director had in mind."

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