Wednesday, January 28, 2015


illustrations by penmarq studios

is this a joke, joey?
does kenny know about this?
he is not going to like it when he does
it is always my fault isn't it?

nobody ever gave me anything
the organization is obsolete
the punks have taken over
and the so-called big hots just quietly walked away

but i remember the day
call me a sentimental fool
come on, let's go over to harry's and get a turkey dinner
then go for a walk uptown

kenny is what you call a psychic vampire
wait a minute, wait a minute
i don't like explanations
you know things just are what they are

there is nothing more to say
all the same -
these are bad times for sure
enough to make you choke

don't get me started
everything is over
face it
get over it

how did it all go wrong?
i just don't understand
willie's joking around started it all
i guess you just never know

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