Wednesday, January 21, 2015


illustrations by palomine studios

everybody used to like fruitcake
my grandma made fruitcake
she was one hell of an old girl
i was real proud of her

jump on my back, boys
because i'm the king of all media
and the lord of all time and space
maybe you've heard of me

no one ever comes to see me any more
it is getting dark outside
i have said all my prayers and then some
now it's quiet time

and i remember the fruitcake
sliding down my throat
turning the corner of a dark street
down by uncle bud's

very soon there will be a knock on the door
the landlord will want his money
i have tried to explain
i am not as young as used to be

i used to go to the zoo at night
after the war
but before everything was locked up
and the circus left town forever

the deal went down
everybody got a cut
old friends went their separate ways
grandma left grandpa and started making fruitcake

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