Saturday, May 2, 2015


illustrations by eddie el greco

understanding is crucial
very soon they will arrive
with their waistcoats and questionnaires
they will accept no excuses

not even for youth and comeliness
or the yawning void
king arthur himself can not save us
barricaded as he is behind his walls

we must be courteous
and evince no sudden outbursts of despair
after all we are not elephants
and look forward to no tigers on the


greatness has surely eluded us
and happiness is not even a dream
we can not plead ignorance
just when the train is arriving

keep a copy of the proceedings
but do not let them see you secretly smile
many documents are yet to be released
and no one - not even ajax - will read them all

outside a bird is singing
inside a parrot is listening - or a panther
who may already have reached his quota
but be keeping a gazelle in reserve

so that is the way of it
it is troublesome to be sure
uncle jonathan would never have understood
dedicated as he was to the concept of total victory

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