Sunday, May 17, 2015

zero hour

illustrations by pete palomine

zero hour had come and gone
the all clear was sounded
billy opened the window and looked out
a cat ran down the street

a dog ran across the lawn
education had not proved to be the answer
maybe frankie would come back now
from beyond the grave

how do you know?
that was the insistent question
just then the phone rang
billy drew a picture of a kangaroo

louise answered the phone
maybe, billy heard her say
now he was in for it
outside in the distance sirens started up

perhaps the world was ending after all
it couldn’t end quick enough
maybe they would get it right this time
suddenly it all came back to him

he remembered the tiger
under the front porch
in the old homestead in old virginia
where the wisteria ran wild

excuse me, louise interrupted
the call is for you
zeros are beyond counting
all the family will be here tomorrow for the reading of the will

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