Friday, May 15, 2015


illustrations by pete palomine

yeti came by again last night
he had nothing new to say
he told all the old stories
i don’t want to say he was boring

we told him we were charmed
but politely declined his invitation
exquisitely phrased as it was
to follow him to hell and back

vanessa got up and scratched her neck
but held yeti’s importunate gaze
roger was not interested
and kept murmuring, just so… just so

vanessa disappeared into the kitchen
we heard laughter outside the window
meaning is not always clear
the night is a more gracious host

than we odious and imperfect humans
programmed as we are to snickers and rude remarks
roger quietly reminded our guest
that vanessa always remembered everything

say what you will
i always thought there was something more
unless you have something to add
i would very much like to go to bed

when yeti put down his cup
and began making his excuses
roger yawned without apology
and the ritual of civilized behavior was concluded yet again

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