Thursday, May 14, 2015

exhalation at dusk

illustrations by konrad kraus

euphemia exhaled softly
her youth was over
nothing could bring it back now
alfred was carefully knotting his cravat

beyond the green lawn the sun had set
contrary to the gypsy’s prediction
demons had not erupted from the earth
and the encyclopedia remained on the shelves

alfred’s followers were expected shortly
and he would gratify them
with a heroic excorication of the current government

in which no room would be left for incomprehension

the juniper bush was still in bloom
due to the kind ministrations of the old gardener
who had served the household since lady lucretia’s time
and the moonlight showed them to advantage

no such advantage would accrue to mr noakes
the oldest member of alfred’s party
and the most persistent
in his impertinent questions to euphemia

of which she had repeatedly complained
to the implacably sanguine alfred
tonight would be no different
unless there was an unexpected invasion

of those very demonic forces
that euphemia devoutly wished
would exponentially devour the countryside
and the yet to be born new world of which she was already heartily tired

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