Monday, April 27, 2015


illustrations by danny delacroix

the tornado had no conscience
ralph and vanessa sailed along under the darkening sky
they were very much alone on the highway
where would it all end?

they were extremely in love
youth would be served
nothing would ever separate them
after all they had been through together

buck brady had a job to do
he was charged with bringing ralph and vanessa back
dead or alive
every coyote was born with a tail

forever is a long time
you get what you pay for
especially on an empty highway
i dare you

just for a thousand thrills
a knight and his golden lady
don’t laugh, mister and mrs america
maybe you have a better idea?

you’ll never know if you don’y try
out on the horizon a figure approached
was it pete jones cone back?
ralph felt a strange foreboding

vanessa was strangely quiet for once
it wasn’t pete jones - it was the sorcerer
the tornado laughed
the road rolled away under the black sky

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