Tuesday, April 14, 2015


illustrations by danny delacroix

he resurrection of the reporter
surprised the skeptics in scandinavia
torrents of tendentious abuse
undermined any understanding

of the various issues involved
when will we be free to wander
youthfully through the trees
noting the nothingness of nowhere

absolution is always aggressive
birds are always beautiful
and cobras convalesce
in the dusty dioramas of divulgence

everyone is guilty
fortunately for the jury
who gasp with genuine surprise
at the tears of the obsolete housewife

incandescence is always welcome
just when you least expect it
knowingness winks in a paper cup
lions prowl in the daylight of anathema

many words have been spoken
none more tender than by the commissioners
oligarchs must stand in the sun
and pray for the pardon of plunderers

they quickly return to their crossword puzzles
and their retrograde model airplanes
someday soon
tornados will grace the walls of their monasteries

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