Sunday, October 26, 2014

the spaghetti and the sadness

she cooked up spaghetti probably from a can
with jeremy's whole life in her hands
but the stove was too hard

the summer it rained and rained
and the guinea pigs escaped from ella's bedroom
putting their whole lives in mom's hands

they dreamed of marbled halls
but ate chef boyardee ravioli straight from the can
the summer it rained and rained

she put the doll beside her plate
even as the dream of marbled halls faded
the summer it rained and rained

the birds sang the wrong tunes
and made her feel sad
especially for the guinea pigs

the birds didn't know any better
shaking off the remains of fear
because the ground was too hard

for the holy family on a saturday night
so they felt sad
and their sadness took the form of heartfelt prayer

mom opened another can of spaghetti
the rain was falling harder
but she shook off her fear

of the lawbreakers infesting the city
liberated by her old customer the archbishop
it was all so sad, so sad

sources: a girl is a half-formed thing, by eimear mcbride; the facades, by eric lundgren; the shock of the fall, by nathan filer; love me back, by merritt tierce; the undertaking, by audrey magee; dept of speculation, by jenny offill; nw, by zadie smith; all the birds, singing, by evie wyld; the laughing monsters, by denis johnson; the anatomy of dreams, by chloe benjamin; how to build a girl, by caitlin moran; rainey royal, by dylan landis; nora webster, by colm toibin

- amazon suggested these books to people "looking for something in our literature and fiction department"

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