Monday, October 20, 2014

beyond recall

he looked up from his glass of wine
under the stars and cathedral spires
his eyes got murkier by the minute

with remorse and vibrating nerves
he was gone beyond recall
under the stars and gathering clouds

we prefer to save our exciting moments
she had hated summer vacations
when the doors were painted brown

countless swarms of wasps
began polishing the inside doorhandle

"how could you let him escape?"

he was gone beyond recall
on the other side of the thin wall
with his pathetic remorse and shot nerves

he looked down into his glass of wine
supported by tiger-like monsters
with polished golden incisors

countless swarms of wasps
began attacking his unfinished glass of wine
splashing the tiger-like monsters

it was worse than the summer vacations
with the endless swarms of grasshoppers
no way of knowing what they wanted

the tiger-men began to laugh
at the immumerable swarms of spiders
that were polishing the inside door handle

sources: salambo, by gustave flaubert; maldoror, by lautreamont; last men in london, by olaf stapledon; baudelaire, by jean-paul sartre; thirst for love, by yukio mishima; don't look now, by daphne du maurier; rebecca, by daphne du maurier; the engagement, by georges simenon; act of passion, by georges simenon; agent of chaos, by norman spinrad; driven, by richard gehman; man on a leash, by charles williams; "fire escape" by cornell woolrich

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