Thursday, October 16, 2014

end of the line

he pretended to look for some i d
his whole life flashed before him
he couldn’t see the cop’s face

but the outcome was never in doubt
he couldn’t see the cold face
but he knew the hard heart

he had escaped from the bughouse
because he was sick of grits
and because he wanted to be treated with dignity and respect

the cop came closer and smiled
the cop came closer and smiled
the headlights dimmed

you know you don’t have no i d
you never had no i d
you probably ain’t even got a name

your room is waiting for you
back in the bughouse
back in the bughouse where you belong

mr johnson is worried sick about you
because he’s your friend
your only friend

the boys will have a good laugh
and poke you in the ribs
because they are your only friends

you marched a long way
your feet must be sore
so sore

the masquerade is over
let’s get the cuffs on you
the masquerade is over, that’s from a song

i don’t have no remorse
i’ll tell that to the warden
you do that

i’d do it over again
you hear that, al?
we got a real hard case here

it will be much better for your health
i don’t care about my health
all i wanted was to be free

sources: the end of the night, by john d macdonald; rage, by stephen king; journey to the end of the night. by louis-ferdinand celine; death on the installment plan, by louis-ferdinand celine; the prague cemetery, by umberto eco; the stranger, by albert camus; the adventures of darcy dancer, gentleman, by j p donleavy; three way split, by jerry weil; the end - rethinking the revelation, by norman b harrison

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