Thursday, February 26, 2015

party, part 2

illustrations by danny delacroix

paul had always been the life of the party
he was quietlly upset when larry replaced him
being replaced in this world is never fun
suddenly all anybody could talk about was larry

it was a time of reflection for paul
it was not unheard of for someone to make a comeback
from the deepest depths of violent despair
but what, exactly , could he do?

he had always expected a lot from himself
even as a young partygoer just starting out
he had zero tolerance dor mediocrity
and absolutely no patience for excuses

bring to on, he muttered to himself
as we walked through the calamitous night
maybe the dinosaurs couldn't come back
but he expected more from himself

first, he needed a plan
the gods couldn't help him
he had to be his own hero
just then he looked down the street

judy and louise were headed his way
they had kind of sort of been his best friends
they had partied until dawn long nights ago
it was always midnight when they got together

now as they approached on winged feet
he felt was it was like to be on the outside
paris and london and rome were far away
and his tears flowed like quicksand in st louis

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