Friday, February 20, 2015


illustrations by penmarq studios

nothingness is expensive
especially on the outskirts of town
the plutocrats gathered on the patio for a smoke
but quicksand remained the best option

ruthie mae watched from the window
as the seance was held on the verandah
her turtle was asleep as usual
she wished she understood more about it

violent emotions were unleashed
when the forbidden subject was broached

except this time there would be no next time
and the young people looked away

no one blamed the sunset
although some thought it inappropriate
she was still her mother's baby
and the cat was never found

the detective did not deliver on his promise
everyone agreed
she never really had a friend
the grumpy old man next door stopped coming to the window

have you ever been lonely?
i know i have
just thinking about it makes me sad
kids these days - they just don't understand

a dream of being a lion tamer
is not the most propitious these days
nothingness is forever
and obsolescence weeps at the laundromat

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