Wednesday, February 25, 2015

party, part 1

illustrations by konrad kraus

for morrison, the party came first
he worked quintessentially behind the scenes
he wrote and read endless reports
he seldom emerged from the shadows

his time would never come
he understood that
victory, however distant, was enough
whether he would be there to see it

exactly when he converted
would be speculated on years later
but no traces could be found
of his alleged apostasy

the bankruptcy of dreams
is a constant of history
but the dreams never die
they evolve in the awakening of ectoplasm

fortuitously a diary has been discovered
and grudgingly admitted
by haughtily sceptical experts
into the endless investigation

neither jury of his peers
nor knightly champion
can lightly dispel
the monsoon of indifferent time

nothing has been finally established
and oblivion patiently awaits
for the party itself to be consigned
to the quicksandest of landfills

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