Monday, February 9, 2015


illustrations by penmarq studios

mickey was mellow
nick was nervous
oliver was obstreperous
parker was perverted

they quietly surrounded the sleeping giant
and reduced his resurrection to rubble
silently sighing in bubbles of sarsaparilla
they turned the terminal tables

everything is under the frozen sea of fate
waiting for the new improved version
whitecaps crash in the twilight

as assassins exuberantly exhale

his youthful indiscretions were not admitted as evidence
but nothing could save him from himself
he shook his attorney's hand
and bade his comrades farewell

certain niceties had to be observed
despite the lack of air-conditioning
every ritual was excellently respected
as the fire of idealism was extinguished

the old gods were packed in ice and sawdust
as the heat became unbearable
a strange incandescence crackled on the horizon
as the judge rode away on his red bicycle

no knight in tarnished armor
or lady's maid in rain drenched ostrich plumes
e'er made so marvelous a masquerade
as on that night at nature's own farewell

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