Saturday, October 8, 2016

harley and delilah, part 2

she just had to see for herself
when she wished to transfer u s 21.4m
i await your reply with all due confidence

enough with the warnings, please
i am a creature of dreams
but i need assistance in this dimension

as dreamers often do
for i am only a girl
who has been warned repeatedly

“if you could look into my heart, you might be surprised”

i will try to be careful

“you are a strange creature - but fascinating!”

harley had seen and done terrible things
things burned into his brain with serpentine lasers
he did not want to hurt delilah

harley was just a boy
his dossier is available through the proper channels
the other side has used similar messages in the past

he has never expressed remorse for the terrible things he has done
delilah was just a girl
but harley, being just a boy, was strangely enchanted

delilah just had to see for herself
that harley was a boy
because she was only a girl

be careful
they will go to any length to obtain personal information
i need assistance

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