Saturday, October 22, 2016

edge of the campfire

she had never felt so desperate and alone
she remembered all her sisters
singing songs when she was not there

the hunters were gathering in the forest

“375 degrees gets the perfect crispness you want”

because nobody really knows what is going on

this was excitement such as he had only dreamed of
but he felt travis’s cold eyes on him
when he should have been thinking of josie

i am sorry, i can not continue
especially in my present lofty position
which i have achiieved through my own hard work

i always stood up for the little guy
ask anybody who knows the score
they are out there, waiting

do you see smiles on their faces?
neither did the little guys
who only wanted little girls to call their own

a man does not rise to the occasion
when the futility and sorrow wash over him
to him she was always a woman

make no mistake, my friend
nobody knows the score
when they get to the top of the stairs

and they come face to face with the man
who tells you it just can’t go on
because we can dream, can’t we?

sources: the tenement kid, by karl edd; this kill is mine, by dean evans; say it with bullets, by richard powell; mistress of horror house, by william woody; drink with the dead, by j m flynn; run from the hunter, by keith grantland; operation - murder, by lionel white; the teachers, by jerry weil; man divided, by dean douglas; cry at dusk, by lester dent; about doctor ferrel, by day keene; search for surrender, by borden deal; woman soldier, by arnold rodin

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