Monday, November 24, 2014

joey isn't the problem

you guys are the greatest
but that's not what i meant
because joey isn't the problem

why does it have to be this way
we all know you guys are the greatest
and can even make your own sandwiches if you have to

you used to be so much fun
before you decided joey was the problem
and the dog - let's not forget the dog

joey, always joey
you never felt that way before
do you believe everything you hear

he was just the paper boy

"leave, if you don't want to hear what i have to say."

there's somebody at the door

hello, can i help you
i'm sorry if we disturbed you
we'll try to keep it down

what was that?
i said, we would try to keep it down
you won't try, you will keep it down

i see you are a very forthright individual
there's no need to call the police
yes, we were discussing the paper boy

why do you ask?
that's very interesting, thank you for sharing

“good night.”

sources: an evening in naples, by robert gray
the last of the lonely, by sarah philbin
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the case of the incurious butterfly, by amelia desrosiers
a cafe in nogales, by brett fisher
i thought you knew better than that, by wilson chadwick
the fools, by g t sanderson
thunder at ten o'clock, by alfred clay jones
dead man's whisper, by alfred clay jones
this man and this woman, by dorothy mainwaring smith

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