Friday, December 25, 2015

dynamite by moonlight, part 2

he took his time lighting his cigarette
and handled her with kid gloves
where are the clothes i was wearing last night?

he eyed her through the drifting smoke rings
they are in the coffin with maxie
he replied with perfect self-assurance

what you might call impeccable sangfroid
he’d been planning it for a long tome
because he wouldn’t beat up a woman, would he?

he looked around for the bottle
she had that mean look on her face again
he’d been planning to get rid of her for a long time

just because he wouldn’t actually beat up a woman
with sober and passionless precision
i thought the coffin was a pretty good idea

it didn’t mean he wouldn’t bump her off
strictly dynamite as she might be

“we’ve known each other for a long time.”

but i’m not the same guy i used to be
even though i am not yet in my coffin

“you are not fooling anybody with that line of grapefruit.”

where did you put that bottle?
when did you start caring so much about bottles?
those look like the same clothes you were wearing last night to me

you know i wear a new suit every day
even though the liquor bills are sending me to the poorhouse
and everybody and his uncle owe me money

sources: don’t get in my way, by frances clippinger; the murderer is a fox, by ellery queen; dread journey, by dorothy b hughes; the curse of the bronze lamp, by carter dickson; the double take, by roy huggins; too late for tears, by roy huggins; violent night, by ralph jackson; run from the hunter, by keith grantland; to find cora, by harry whittington; framed in guilt, by day keene; my flesh is sweet, by day keene; the devil thumbs a ride, by robert c du see

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