Friday, January 24, 2014

these faded flowers

ur bouyt 5n jr lor my6 desw lo hyr e l op

your beautiful 5 nights, junior
with the 6 mystical mermaids
desiccate the windswept hyenas
with their eldritch lollipops of patriarchy

o ljh6 res n nirw kp uo ;;

outside in the lilacs it is 60 degrees
reserve your nude seats before the nihilists
irregardless of the reckless intent
of the whackos with their kantelopes of uranium

8 uy ger lpf rol ;[

i had hoped to do better for you, uncle james
because you always treated cissie with respect
her geraniums and juggernauts were pissed away
by the heedress capitalists in their iron pajamas

j ntr e4 ce lp k\

you needn't bither seeing me out
"my way is set and can not now be altered"
cissie left a note in her well-thimbed copy of middlemarch
but creatures like us can only stand naked in the rain

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