Friday, January 17, 2014

bully for you

a found poem

adornment when you postulate
to pick up how disputes are handled
and the writer you be intimate

are merchandising is
unforced and gradual.
Always try that the mercantilism to your kit.

This is peculiarly bully
for jewellery day by day.
umteen men do not use your notation paper,

compare the compareprice
of the
commercial activity.

At the real topper prices
for bound holding,
you may foreplay same

the large-glistening check
or something a lesser medium
of exchange from you.

triple-crown computer network mercantilism
We already
mortal a slap-up way
to re-use few items
may not competition yours.

Get activity from them.
them In concept, you should be
human activity

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