Friday, February 15, 2013

the witch's vengeance, part 2

look upon me as a lost and abandoned creature
like a leaf blown in the wind
a spark glimmered in the fireplace

all his insolence was gone
a traitor to good feeling and honour
with a desperate melancholy

truly a lost and abandoned creature
bereft of all high born dignity
the very picture of melancholy

such is female curiosity and vengefulness
the loss of good feeling and honor
a light glimmered outside the window

with a melancholy glow
she despised him utterly
as weak as a starved rat

the dark prophecies had come to pass
such is the wrath of woman
like the wind in the trees

may you renounce me from that moment
the rat ran from the corner
insolently surrendering itself

i scorn you utterly
in your pathetic disguise

"thus ends a once proud race"

the prophecies have come to pass
recognized in spite of your disguise
a light glimmered in the window behind her

sources: castle of otranto; mysteries of udolpho; a sicilian romance; the old english baron; the monk; emmeline, or the orphan of the castle; melmoth the wanderer; frankenstein; the vampyre, by john polidori; lady audley's secret; run to earth, by mary e braddon; the moonstone; no name.

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