Monday, November 28, 2016

the wordy man

when i was just a little firk
my mama took me to see the wordy man

he hung out on the street
outside the gypsy’s place

where mama went to have her fortune told
every other wednesday

the wordy man was talking up a storm
it was what he did

i had a hard time understanding him
but my mama said that was all right

nothing anybody said made any sense any more
which was why humans had mostly stopped talking

except to order takeout
and have their fortunes told

we went inside
but the gypsy wasn’t there

instead there was a werewolf
packing the gypsy’s things into a trunk lined with red velvet

what happened to the gypsy?
my mama asked the werewolf

it’s a long story, the werewolf replied
not worth repeating

we went back outside
the werewolf had the gypsy’s trunk on his shoulder

and me, my mama, the werewolf and the wordy man
all went down the street to mcdonalds

and we all ordered strawberry smoothies
because we thought the gypsy might drop by

but she never did
not then, or ever

the wordy man kept talking the whole time
but i never did figure out what he was saying

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