Tuesday, February 2, 2016

3 poems

illustrations by palomine studios

19th century

after you, sir
good morning, madam
congratulations on your new appointment

“i can always count on you, sir james.”

a fine sermon
and a beautiful morning

indeed it is
permit me
a good breakfast

thank you so much
it looks like rain
good morning, lady barbara

we are expecting the fairleighs
permit me

“the light on the heather is breathtaking”

after you
it was a fine sermon
luncheon is served

it looks like rain
congratulations on your new appointment
after you, miss caroline

indeed it is
quite right
thank you

permit me
an excellent luncheon
the guests have arrived

20th century

oh yeah?
what a dame
who says?

that’s my wife
that’s swell
give me a break

we can work this out
that’s what you say
give me a break, officer

what a babe!
who says?
get out

oh you kid
i love my wife
we can reach an agreement

what a set of curves
we can do business here
that’s my wife, buddy

can you spare a dime?
get lost
hey buddy, can you help a guy out?

we might be able to do business
who says?
i just need a little help

you great big beautiful doll!
that’s my little girl
if you ain’t got a nickel

21st century

what an asshole
what a fucking asshole
fuck you, bitch

what an asshole
shut the fuck up
i said, shut the fuck up

shut the fuck up!
you’re wrong

“what part of shut the fuck up don’t you understand?”

fuck you

kiss my ass
suck my dick
because you’re wrong

shut up
kiss my ass
you really think so?

what a bitch
i don’t think so
fuck you, asshole

oh really?
just shut up

i don’t think so
don’t bother me
go fuck yourself, bitch