Thursday, April 10, 2014

the conversation, part 4

part four of four

i believe we have met before

i believe we have - amazingly enough

the devil you say

little more needs to be said

do you consider me a friend?

get out of here!

out of the mouths of babes come storms

just for a thrill

it is getting awfully quiet in here

and it is getting late too

can we finally get to the point please?

you mean come to an understanding?

i have to say you are starting to aggravate me

i could never have guessed

give me your best shot

parting is such sweet sorrow

kindly stop staring at me in that fashion

be nice

yet again you try to foil me

of all the nerve

all right, i give up

there is nothing more to be said

well, excuse me!

have a nice night

i hate you

you have an empty soul

oh, but i figured you out

who's laughing now?

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