Thursday, March 27, 2014

the conversation, part 1

part one of four

how are you this evening?


i am very glad to hear that

you are very kind

why do you say that?

why should i not say that?

perhaps i did not express myself very well

why do you say that?

recently i read a very interesting book

what was it about?

high jinks

that sounds extremely interesting

it was just what the doctor ordered

do you have experience in this area?

all bets are off - save yourself and run for the hills!

i have already been saved - many times

have you been snatched from the lion's jaws?

in the most glorious fashion imaginable

i like all different types of music

so do i, especially if they are out of fashion

exactly why are you here?

because the night air fills me with regret

the night is young, so they say

perhaps we can continue this conversation somewhere else

that would be a zero sum game

virtue, they say, is out of fashion

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