Sunday, October 20, 2013

she kept on running, part 2

you want a good time, do you?
ask for annie
with her sophisticated ways

this is finally it
the nothing you have always been waiting for
is your heart beating faster?

annie will understand
what's that noise?
she isn't the complete idiot she looks like

in terre haute indiana
nothing is what it seems
pretty baby

excuse me for one second
how do i know?
ask for cherry

she split up with jerry last year
no, i don't know i didn't ask
it was pretty juicy but i mind my own business

suddenly gunfire erupted
yeah, cherry, cherry jo williams
i can't help it if the road is closed

what other number are you going to call?
i never knew that
on highway 44 east

take the third exit
i don't know nothing
excuse me a minute

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