Saturday, April 6, 2013

on a spinning planet

"how could you do this to me?"

you think you are so cool
looking at me with your big blue eyes

some days the bear eats you
like goldilocks
or the three little pigs

she was a real woman
a real child of satan
with a hell hound on her trail

a tiger by the tail
leaving a trail a mile wide
and devastation in her wake

but jake, he couldn't see it
she pulled the wool over his eyes
with her powder and paint

no fool like an old fool
she led him down the primrose path
what's that you say?

i'm telling you the best i can
you know what women are like
a man can only take so much

in a whirlpool of passion and despair
you know what i mean, buddy
you don't know what i mean?

the bears grow big in these woods
so do the women
i could use a drink

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